A unique training for writers who want literary agents.

This fast-paced and immersive course experience helps writers prepare to pitch their book projects successfully by providing a clear understanding of what agents desperately want storytellers to know & do before they pitch.

In the PITCH & SELL BOOT CAMP we shorten the learning curve so that you can start pitching your book like a pro today.

Here’s a look at just some of what you’ll learn:

✔️ what agents are looking for and how to meet that criteria

✔️ how to go inside the pitch, create your selling assets and build the ultimate pitch package

✔️ how to become a story SELLER and deliver the best written and verbal pitch of your life

✔️ pitching lessons from Hollywood - do's & don'ts + the powerball perspective

✔️ ways to stand out, get read and have the industry come after you

Join the fast-track!

It's never been easier to level up and begin to approach pitching in a better way, to go after what you want with a completely new awareness about what it truly means to pitch & sell your book within the story industry.

In 29 Lessons and Six Hours of Video Content Plus Nearly 50 Downloads, You'll learn How to...

Think About Story

Find out how the industry thinks about story so that you can use it to your pitching advantage

Write About Story

Find out how to take your 250-350 page book and describe it in one sentence

Talk About Story

Find out how to talk about story so that you can nail a verbal pitch

Become a Story SELLER

It's Time to Learn How to Think, Write, and Talk About Your Book so That You can Stop Rejection and Start Getting Agent Interest!